iFun Pixel

The new Air Creation single-seater wing


So to be clear: the iFun Pixel is not a powered hang glider, although its light weight (90 kg or 200 lbs) may suggest as much. The iFun Pixel is built for cruising, has room for a huge payload of luggage and offers the same comfort and safety as its sister twin-seaters in our product line. It can be assembled by one person in less than 15 minutes.

* The wing,iFun 13 is available "SP" version (Short Pack) with rigid struts allowing the folding of the wing on the trike in a few minutes.
- A simple and inexpensive option to avoid the worries of parking space in the hangars.

Developed specifically for the new trike Pixel, the iFun 13 is a modern wing, designed to provide maximum cruising pleasure while maintaining simplicity of assembly, operation and maintenance. Its speed range of 41 to 110 km/h (26 to 68 mph) allows you to travel and land on a dime. But you have to fly it to admire its playfulness, its stability and its resistance in turbulent conditions. The manufacturer’s 33 years of experience have borne fruit...
With its Polini Thor 250 engine, the Pixel delivers amazing thrust that climbs at 4 m/s (787 ft/min) for economical fuel consumption cruise less than 5 l/h (1.3 gal/h). You can plan up to 3 hours of flight and a range of 200 km (125 miles).

And for optimum safety, the Pixel may be equipped with a pneumatic extraction parachute weighing only 4 kg (9 lbs) which does not reduce much the volume of the trunk.

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