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Radio Filser ATR 833

VHF radio (57 mm integrated) with a 6 W power

Frequency  8.33 kHz / 25 kHz
OLED display for easy readability in all conditions
Simultaneous reception mode 2 frequencies displayed
100 storable frequencies. Quick search alphanumeric frequencies

References: A220133

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Technical data

Alphatec 903S – ICA11 – ICA12 – ICA13 intercom

New range. Alphatec Titane 2 Voice-activated aviation type intercom, (vox) and adjustable trip threshold ( ø 57 mm).

Adjustable volume and squelch facade. Input for music and PTT. Extensions for install + jack socket housings  on Trikes. Cables for ICOM or FILSER radio

INTERCOM 903S or ICA11 Pro2
INTERCOM ICA12 or ICA13 Titane2

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Alphatec Nexus portable intercom

Compact intercom without vocal release with interface radio incorporated.

Extensions for base jack cases installation on pendular trikes. Waterproof alternating on one of tha cases.

Radiocable for ICOM ICA3/22 : A221505

Radio cable for Filser ATR 500: A221505-F

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Gerbing’s Thermostat

The heating regulating thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

The simple thermostat for 1 equipment.

Double thermostat for 2 equipments, that is 2 outfits or 1 jacket and 1 pair of trousers …

Simple Thermostat : A390933

Double Thermostat : A390934

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