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Ultra-modern, particularly robust and comfortable, the Tanarg is an exceptional Trike

Introduced in January 2019, the Tanarg neo has a long experience shared with users associated with the know-how of the first Trike manufacturer.

Once again, the requirement is: Comfort, Performance, Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Silence, aestheticism and Aerodynamics are the subject of significant changes.
– Carbon dashboard, wider, multiple possibilities for EFIS and iEFIS screens, more clearence for the legs
– Larger windshield, better protection.
– Ergonomic, spacious and comfortable seats with new marine-grade fabric “Polyester Hi-loft Carbon Fiber”
– New aerodynamic fairings, improved air flows: more efficiency and less noise.
– New look and fully customizable decoration
– 65 litre tank with integrated fuel gauge.
– Increased trunk volume with great accessibility facilitating maintenance operations.
– New cooling system, effective in all circumstances.
– Neuform three-bladed propeller, on standard, selected for its low noise level. Four-blades E-Props propeller on option for its excellent weight / performance ratio and its constant speed effect
– 3 dashboard versions based on MGL digital instrumentation types: Blaze, XTreme and Explorer

The Tanarg neo represents the quintessence of the “Trike” in the “Ultra-Light aircraft” industry.
Proposed with Rotax 912 UL, ULS & iS engines, it has extraordinary potential (engines with 2000 hoursT.B.O.).
Designed for long hikes, very enduring, Tanarg is also selected by professionals and Training Centres.
Equipped with the new BioniX² or the latest generation of NuviX and iFun 16 wings, the Tanarg neo reveals all its qualities.
A tireless traveler, able to take off and land on small fields to enjoy long-distance trips out off the beaten tracks.

Its look, comfort, ergonomics and performance are definitely extraordinary …

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